SK_Contents_paraprofessional2.pngThe Support Kit for Paraprofessionals has just the right number of materials for small-group sessions. It is intended for paraprofessionals who support native-English speakers and English learners with their content-area lessons – language arts, math, ELD, etc.  
Interactive practice adds interest and purpose to language learning. It also helps ensure English becomes a vehicle, rather than a barrier, for student learning. 

As students practice with the materials in the kit, they have the opportunity to: 

  • Accurately repeat or respond to well-constructed examples
  • Generate new sentences using taught topic-specific vocabulary and useful sentence structures 
  • Apply language to authentic purposes in discussions and take it to writing
The generic tools in the kit are designed to structure engaging, purposeful student interactions. They can be used with any lesson. All you need to add is lesson content and students. 
ACHV340, $85.00

To order Support Kit items individually:

Cue Cards: Routines for Student Interaction – $29

Primary (PreK–2) Discussion Card Booklet – $12

Upper Elementary (3–6) Discussion Cards – $58

Talking Chips (200 red/white foam chips) – $12

Talking Sticks (set of 10) – $6

Sand Timers (set of 10) – $6  


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