Learning to write well is a challenge! In the upper grades, writers have to organize information and make intentional language choices to clearly communicate their ideas.

The Upper Elementary Student Guide for Expository Writing can help you support your 3rd–6th grader master writing for academic purposes.

By teaching children the formula for academic writing, this guide takes the mystery out of it. Students learn to organize their writing and try out different kinds of language to share information in academic reports, essays, and presentations.

After defining the two kinds of expository writing – informational and opinion – the guide presents a standards-based outline to 1) introduce a topic, 2) develop the topic, and 3) provide a conclusion.

Each page has sentence starters to compose ideas for five grade-level purposes:

  • Explain and describe
  • Lay out a sequence
  • Compare and contrast
  • Discuss cause and effect
  • State an opinion

The lively design includes symbols and colors to show three levels of sentence structures – simple, solid, and sophisticated. This allows children to start where they are familiar, then build to more complex language.

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