What does mathematical understanding look like? What does it sound like? Math Discussion Cards are designed to help adolescent learners talk – and think – like mathematicians. The cards help students practice together as they make sense of problems, construct workable strategies for solutions, or explain a mathematical rule, diagram, or approach. Through discussions, students learn to persevere in solving problems accurately, finding structure, and expressing mathematical reasoning.

The cards have dozens of sentence starters rich in mathematical language at three levels – simple, solid, and sophisticated.

As students use these cards to practice the art of discussion with partners and groups, they not only boost their mathematical knowledge and language ability, but also step up their participation in the learning community.

A class pack includes eight sets of 20 cards, with four each of the following five color-coded conversational roles:

discussioncards catagories

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DC Sample Math 2

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“I am an ELD teacher who is frequently out of the classroom to complete instructional coaching responsibilities. This year a math teacher agreed to consistently substitute for my class, and she often shared with me that my language lessons, which focused primarily on oral language practice, were transferable to her math class. She invited me to observe her class a few months into the school year, and I was so encouraged by the amount of talking her students were doing while solving math problems. I think Constructing Meaning’s greatest benefit for students in math is providing them with a structure that allows them to confidently speak as mathematicians.”
– Marilyn Worden