One of the main challenges students face is mastering academic writing. State standards require students to write essays that skillfully problem solve, weigh evidence, analyze arguments, and discuss complex texts. This can be tricky.

kids_using_flipbook.jpgStudent Flipbook: Language for Academic Writing and Speaking helps adolescent writers organize information and make intentional language choices to clearly communicate their ideas.

Designed as a desktop reference tool, the flipbook is a convenient source of academically appropriate language. Whether students are preparing for an online discussion or writing an essay, they flip through colored pages to select language that helps them express their thinking using:

  • Cause and effect relationships
  • Compare and contrast
  • Description and elaboration
  • Sequencing
  • Proposition and support

The format of the flipbook allows students to link their ideas using a list of functional words, and to build succinct, concise summaries and paragraphs using the sentence frames at their fingertips.

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