Blackline Masters Booklet

Have you ever wondered how to nurture the spirit of play in your classroom? Or needed a handout for students to jot notes during Give One, Get One or Clock Appointments? Perhaps you are looking for ways to provide more accountability during interaction routines.

This booklet is organized by key routines and contains various templates for each. We include lesson ideas and directions for using the templates. ELD170-20, $26.00

Want to save and reuse paper? Pair Blackline Masters with Let’s Talk Folders and Dry Erase Markers.

Table of Contents

A/B Conversations

  • Speech Bubble Handout Variations


  • Clock Appointments
  • Where in the World?
  • What Kind of Music?
  • What Do You Hear?
  • Discussion Card Appointments
  • Appointments


  • Practicing Verb Tenses, Adverbs of Frequency, Subject Pronouns
  • Spin Off!
  • Sentence Scientist

Give One, Get One

  • Give One, Get One Handout Variations
  • Find Someone Who

Conducting an Interview

  • Preparing to Conduct an Interview
  • Interview Record Sheet

Language Logs

  • Vocabulary Language Log
  • Language Log
  • Language Log: Sketch and Write

Send a Question

  • Send a Question Handouts

Ticket Out the Door

People Silhouettes

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