Talking Chips are an effective management tool that can be used in a multitude of ways. With a red side and a white side, they are made of soft (noiseless) material. Package of 200. ACHV170, $12.00

Talking Chips are helpful for:

  • Monitoring small group interactions

After students have learned sufficient language patterns and vocabulary to hold a purposeful conversation about the topic at hand, Talking Chips support democratic and accountable participation in small group interactions. Distribute a set number of chips to each student in a group. Each group member must “spend” their chips during the collaborative session. This helps teachers monitor student interaction and ensure all group members have equal opportunity to share their thinking while enhancing communication skills.

  • Monitoring pacing for thinking, reading, or writing time

Provide each student one chip. During quiet time, each student turns the chip red side up, then turns the chip to white when ready to talk. To emphasize the purpose, teachers sometimes refer to them as Reading Chips, Thinking Chips, or Writing Chips, depending on the task.

  • Quietly asking for help

Provide each student one talking chip to have on hand as needed. Students can signal the teacher that they need assistance or guidance by placing the red side up on the upper right hand corner of their work space. t


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