If you were to walk into any middle or high school classroom, at some point in the lesson, students would most likely be summarizing. Adolescent learners need to be able to summarize when they explain how to solve a problem, defend their opinion of a historical event or political issue, interpret literature, or express their knowledge of a scientific process or phenomenon.

To effectively summarize – in a discussion or in writing – students must identify essential and non-essential information, pinpoint a main idea, and restate the essence of their understanding.

This template poster prepares students to identify a main idea, determine essential details, and write a summary.

Practicing with the poster helps adolescents build both skill and confidence by giving them an array of language options for writing at each step of the process:

  • Introduce the content
  • Include key details
  • Add supporting details
  • Write a conclusion

Laminated poster (27×36). CM170-55, $14.00.

seccm summary poster 72


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