Upper Elementary Student Guide for Expository Writing

$12.00 each

Learning to write well is a challenge. Students need to learn the structure of academic writing and the language to express the sophistication of their ideas. The Upper Elementary Student Guide for Expository Writing supports your instruction by organizing key cognitive functions used in expository writing for upper elementary students at various English proficiency levels. CM115, $12

After defining the two kinds of expository writing – informational and opinion – the guide explains the writing outline: introduce the topic, develop the topic, and provide a conclusion. It spotlights the five high-leverage functions used in expository writing: Explain and Describe, Sequence, Compare and Contrast, Cause and Effect, and State an Opinion. For each function, students are provided with dozens of language patterns to express their thinking, as well as example sentences from several subject areas.

Each page includes symbols and colors to show three different levels of sentence structures – simple, solid, and sophisticated. The Student Guide for Expository Writing includes graphic organizers and helpful writing tips crafted for upper elementary learners.

This tool helps students organize their writing and try out different kinds of language, so they can choose how to express their ideas in academic reports, essays, and presentations.

Included with the purchase of the guide is access to a free one-hour webinar to help teachers maximize the use of the tool.  In the webinar we provide useful tips, model a task with different proficiency levels in mind, and provide a process for teachers to plan with the guide.  

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