Student Flipbook: Language for Academic Writing and Speaking

$48.00 each

Formal academic English is used when problem-solving, weighing evidence, analyzing arguments, and discussing complex texts. The Common Core State Standards require that students make informed skillful language choices to communicate this kind of critical thinking. Set of 5. CM110, $48.00

Student Flipbook: Language for Academic Writing and Speaking assists students in meeting the rigorous expectations of the Common Core State Standards by providing explicit language support for the analytical skills of:

-  Cause and effect

-  Compare and contrast

-  Description and elaboration

-  Sequencing, and 

-  Proposition and support

Designed to be a reference tool atop a student desk, the flipbook is a convenient source of academically appropriate language to competently answer questions, respond to prompts, or explain solutions. The format of the flipbook allows students to move from a list of functional words and phrases to a drafting template for composing a succinct, concise paragraph. 


The flipbook is designed for independent practice, but only after instruction on how signal words and sentence frames are used for generating academic language. To ensure that students use the tool properly, review the layout and content. Model and practice the process of selecting specific words or phrases to respond to a question or complete a task.

For best results, 1) direct students to the function that addresses the cognitive demands of the task, 2) allow them time to craft their thinking, 3) then hold them accountable for using the target language accurately and appropriately. 


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