The Learning English Songbook contains 30 language pattern songs and chants specifically designed to teach functional English grammar to English language learners. It also provides detailed information on how to teach the songs, how to vary and extend them, and how to use them in concert with explicit grammar instruction. The accompanying audio CD supports classroom singing with more than an hour of music, including sing-along tracks as well as accompaniment-only versions, so that students can sing verses they have written using the song’s target grammar. ELD160, $25.00

Language pattern songs and chants:

  • Precisely target specific grammatical forms and language patterns using complete sentences
  • Are designed to be specific to student ELD level, in alignment with the ELD Matrix of Grammatical Forms
  • Provide a supportive structure for students to internalize grammar and use it to express their own ideas by creating new verses
  • Prove easy and fun to sing or recite
  • Are adaptable to classroom routines and subject matter


The instrumental tunes below are provided to support Systematic ELD Units. To download items below rather than view in a new window:

Learning English Songbook Tunes

Songbook keys and notes for guitar players:

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