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 Fall 2020

Virtual Learning Resources: 
• Lesson Slides for K–6 Systematic ELD
• Secondary Unit: Taking Charge of My Communication
• Digital Tools for Students 
• New Edition! Systematic ELD Handbook
• Digital Constructing Meaning Handbooks
• Virtual Institutes

Winter 2020

• Secondary Systematic ELD Instructional Unit: Money Matters 
• Cultivating Love in the Classroom
• Our Reading List
• Language to Remove Barriers
• Summer Leadership Seminars for Partner Districts

Fall 2019

• Optimize Your Learning Environment 
• Tips for ELD Teachers
• Three Tips for Noticing Language Proficiency in Writing
• Keeping Time for Student Talk
• Challenge: Infuse a Spirit of Play
• 2020 Symposia

Summer 2019

• Refining Lessons with Powerful Pairings 
• Positive Outliers
• New! Systematic ELD Language Logs
• Summertime Rejuvenation
• Readings to Inspire You and Your Students

Spring 2019

• Success Stories: Prioritizing Summary Writing 
• Spark A-ha Moments: Teaching Context Clues to ELs
• Discern Word Meanings: Morphemes and Cognates
• New! Systematic ELD Language Logs
• Summer Leadership Seminars for Partner Districts

Winter 2019

• Paraprofessionals Serving English Learners
• Simplify the Language, Not the Thinking
• 2019 Symposia
• Strategies That Work for All Students
• Scholarships for English Learners

Fall 2018

• Incremental Revolution: A Constructing Meaning Success Story
• Teaching ELs to Build the Muscle of Hope
• Gathering Minute-by-Minute Data: Insights from the field
• Scholarships for English Learners 
• Services for Paraprofessionals

Summer 2018

• Secondary Systematic ELD Units: Responding to English learners' real needs
• Assignments Matter!
• Oral to Print: Maximizing the use of structured student talk
• Learning Walks: A portal to strengthening practice
• New! Services for Paraprofessionals
• Scholarships for English Learners

Spring 2018

Tips for planning your 2018-2019 school year:
• How can we maximize our use of Structured Student Talk?
• How can we equip high school LTELs for mainstream courses?
• How can Secondary ELD instruction help students build a strong argument?
• Are we providing students with a full Elementary Systematic ELD curriculum?
• How effectively are we monitoring student progress in Elementary Systematic ELD?
• Scholarships for English Learners

Winter 2018

• Pathways to Success: A Teacher's Perspective
• Secondary Systematic ELD Instructional Unit One: Pathways to Success
• Scholarships for English Learners
• 2018 Symposia
• Student Guide for Expository Writing

Fall 2017

• Systematic ELD Schools Are Accelerating English Learner Outcomes
• Scholarships for English Learners
• Secondary Systematic ELD Instructional Unit One: Pathways to Success
• Student Guide for Expository Writing
• Webinar: Introduction to E.L. Achieve
• Secondary Systematic ELD Regional Institutes
• Focus Walls for Classroom Management

Spring 2017  

• Increasing English Learners' Academic Language: Gradual release in content-area classes
• Explicit Language Instruction: A key to academic success for English learners
• Tools for the Classroom
• Partner District Showcase
• Join Our Nonprofit Community

Winter 2017

• English Language Development Materials: Five questions to answer before adopting
• English Learners and the Department of Education: Equality, access, and advocacy
• Bilingual Education Resources
• Upcoming Events: 2017 Symposia; Summer Leadership Seminars; Advanced Institute; Introduction to E.L. Achieve Webinar
• Coming Soon: Primary Discussion Cards in Spanish; Student Guide for Expository Writing
• Our Nonprofit: E.L. Achievement Project

Fall 2016

• Laying the Groundwork: A district's journey to refining language instruction for English learners
• Empowering Secondary Students: Setting the stage for meaningful ELD
• Engaging Parents and Families: About Systematic ELD
• Upcoming Events: 2017 Symposia, Summer Leadership Seminars, Advanced Institute
• New! E.L. Achieve Support Kit
• Our Nonprofit: E.L. Achievement Project

Spring 2016 

• Artful Questioning: Crafting inquiry for powerful collaboration
• Upcoming Events: 2016 Symposia and Summer Leadership Seminars
• New! Primary (K–2) Discussion Cards
• Shared Wisdom: Portland Symposium Expo

Winter 2015

• Into and Through the Content: What every educator ought to know about teaching ELD
• Save the Dates! 2016 Symposia – Learning and Leading: Refining Our Practice
• Northern California Regional Secondary ELD 5+2 Institute
• Coming Soon: Primary Discussion Cards
• Subscribe to E.L. Achieve Initiative Forums

August 2015

Highlights from previous editions:
• Ensuring Successful Implementation: Tips for principals
• English Learner Achievement: Its not just what you do, but also what you believe
• Explicit Language Instruction: Why does it matter if students understand how English works?
• To Know about Knowing: Building metalinguistic awareness
• Structured Interaction Series: Empowering students to grow their awareness

June 2015

• Explicit Language Instruction: Why does it matter if students understand how English works?
• Summer Leadership Seminars
• Drafting Template for Single-Paragraph Summary
• From the Blog: Talking Stick and Lines of Communication
• Congratulations, Kevin Topolski!

February 2015

• E.L. Achieves 2nd Annual Symposia – English Learner Achievement: Our Collective Responsibility
• Symposia Expo: Learning from Each Other
• Announcing Math Discussion Cards in English and Spanish

November 2014

• English Learner Achievement: Its not just what you do, but also what you believe
• Save the Dates! 2015 Symposia
• Rigor Within Reach: Announcing the 2014 edition of the Student Flipbook
• Spotlight: Numbered Heads Together

September 2014

• Explicit Language Instruction: A Key to Reading Comprehension
• Positioned for Success: Language Support through Constructing Meaning
• Elementary Constructing Meaning: Refining Our Practice
• Talking Stick

June 2014

• Path to Success: Improving Equitable Access and Academic Rigor for Long-term English Learners
• Constructing Meaning in the Arts
• New Constructing Meaning Website
• 2014 Symposia: Stellar Success!

April 2014

• To Know about Knowing: Building Metalinguistic Awareness
• Nurture Those Seeds!
• 2014 Leadership Seminars
• Systematic ELD Units ... Not Just for Elementary

February 2014

• First Annual Symposium – Informed Decision Making: How Do We Know?
• Adopting a Systems Approach: A Blueprint for Serving English Learners Throughout the School Day
• Dont Lose the Learning: Tips for Teacher Communication
• New and Improved: Ways We Express Our Thinking

December 2013

• Ensuring Successful Implementation: Tips for Principals
• The Practicing Principal
• Discusiones Académicas: Promoting Critical Thinking in Spanish Language Classrooms
• Spotlight - Structured Interaction: Lines of Communication

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