We collaborate with district leaders, site principals, and classroom teachers in gaining the knowledge, skills, and tools to be solidly prepared for the work of ensuring sustainable English learner academic achievement.

Our work is collective and continuous – with long-term collaborative planning, training, and implementation support. This model is not a quick fix. It moves beyond traditional professional development and requires a willingness to invest in ongoing teamwork.

Partnering with districts, the E.L. Achieve team provides:

  • Planning through phases of implementation
    To ensure successful, in-depth, district-wide use, the planning moves from establishing readiness and adopting a new initiative to a thoughtful launch and a clearly articulated vision for sustaining the work.
  • Comprehensive teacher institutes – in person and virtual
    Throughout multiple institute sessions and fieldwork between sessions, teachers discover how to constructively build their students’ language competence. They are equipped with the knowledge, skills, and tools to provide effective language instruction that meets and challenges students at their respective levels.
  • Instructional leader institutes – in person and virtual
    District and site administrators and coaches have additional days set aside for honing observation and facilitation skills, problem solving, and establishing processes that ensure English learners receive adequate and appropriate language instruction. They gain straightforward tools to support, monitor, and evaluate the level and quality of English learner program implementation and student achievement.
  • A Vision of Explicit Language Instruction
    The Vision is a student-centered approach to planning and teaching explicit language that backward maps from meaningful grade-appropriate performance tasks. Instructional delivery is based on a gradual release model that builds receptive and expressive language by connecting thinking, reading, writing, listening, and speaking.
  • Practical classroom tools and instructional materials including Support Kits, student tools to scaffold discussion and writing, a K–12 ELD curriculum, and Secondary Language Arts units.
  • Ongoing capacity-building support – in person and virtually – for district, site, and classroom leaders to gain deep knowledge and take ownership of the work.

Learning about our approach and how we partner with districts gives your leadership team an opportunity to become more familiar with E.L. Achieve’s initiatives. This helps you determine whether our work is a good fit for your identified English learner needs and program goals. Contact us at info@elachieve.org to set up a webinar – a good opportunity to include multiple stakeholders in the initial exploring stage of establishing a partnership with E.L. Achieve.

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