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Elementary Constructing Meaning: Teacher And Administrator Leader Strands

Mon Aug 10, 2020 -  Fri Aug 14, 2020
8:00 am -  4:00 pm
Registration options:
Ticket Name Ticket Price Qty
Teacher Leader Strand Cost $ 2,200.00
Administrator Leader Strand $ 2,200.00
International Teacher Leader Strand Cost $ 3,500.00
International Administrator Leader Strand $ 3,500.00

Event description:

Administrator Leader Strand

Meaningful implementation is dependent upon realizing a clear vision of instruction along with developing a strong leadership team. To do this work, site and district leaders need to deepen knowledge of leading implementation, understand key Systematic ELD/Constructing Meaning skills, and use tools for planning, communicating, setting priorities, and allocating resources.    
Administrator Leader Strand outcomes: 
  • Promote strong site and classroom implementation.
  • Ask key questions to refine instructional practice.
  • Establish systems/structures to ensure robust implementation.
  • Provide administrator support sessions.

Teacher Leader Strand

Participants will have the opportunity to become a part of a certified district leadership team. They will deepen their understanding of backward planning, the continuum of English proficiency, and strong pedagogy. They will engage in a vibrant professional learning community specifically designed to prepare them to support others in designing, refining and delivering integrated ELD through their literacy instruction using the Constructing Meaning processes. Certified district leaders will develop their capacity to teach effective lessons, and lead ongoing learning and collaboration sessions.


  • Expand knowledge and understanding of explicit language instruction and integrated ELD
  • Learn about Elementary CM Refining our Practice skills and competencies
  • Develop lessons based on deeper understanding of Elementary Constructing Meaning
  • Develop and present a continuing learning session that supports colleagues with key Elementary Constructing Meaning concepts
  • Participate in a focused, professional learning community

Eligible to Apply:

District teams that are implementing Elementary Constructing Meaning and wish to begin building the capacity needed to facilitate implementation support for their district.


Districts Wishing to Establish Internal Presenter Teams:

  • Districts wishing to establish their own presenter teams will identify their potential presenters so they may be supported through that lens during the Leadership Seminar. Following the Seminar, districts will contract with E.L. Achieve to lead the institute and work with apprentices to prepare for each day. 
  • Once certified, presenters may offer 5-day teacher institutes within their district. Districts will only need to purchase Handbooks for institute participants.  
  • District certified presenters provide institutes for district teachers. E.L. Achieve is available to support district presenters with coaching via email/telephone (no cost) and co-presenting (coaching rate), as needed.
  • District leaders will identify strong leaders who are experienced presenters from district and/or site level; Communicate intention to develop an internal presenter team to E.L. Achieve; Clarify district expectations for internal presentation team; Mentor through the certification process.

Preparing for the Teacher Leader Strand - Spring 2020

  • Gather materials critical to teaching your district's literacy program (pacing guides, unit maps, planners, essential standards, etc.).
  • Deepen knowledge of your grade level language arts standards. Take note of:

          -  The cognitive work students are asked to do?

          -  The language students are assumed to bring to the task

  • Read the intro to the CCSS (or your state standards) and research article(s) sent via email and share your comments on the CM Forum

Teacher Leader Strand - Summer 2020

  • Active participation during all five days is required for certification
  • Successful completion results in becoming certified as part of the district leadership and help guide site and classroom implementation.
  • Once certified, leaders may be invited to participate in a formal apprenticeship process to become Certified Presenters for their districts.  All potential presenters must successfully complete the apprenticeship process before they can become certified. 

Continuing the Learning 

Leadership certification is valid for one year and is maintained when you complete the following continuing learning requirements:

1. Take an active role in leading the work at the district and/or site level.

Presenters: Co-present at least one Institute or two follow-up sessions (such as, coaching, demonstration lessons, video plan/teach/reflect cycle, after school professional development, facilitate a PLC). These sessions should build from institute content and use the ROP.

Leaders: Lead or co-lead at least two follow-up support sessions (such as, coaching, demonstration lessons, video plan/teach/reflect cycle, after school professional development, facilitate a PLC). 

2. Take an active role as a learner

a.  With team, designate time to review institute materials (webinars, PPTs, fieldwork assignments and webinars), discuss institute changes, and deepen expertise and content knowledge.  See initiative website for guidance to focus your time. 

b.  Begin or contribute to a discussion on the Forum.

c.  Participate in a spring Symposium event. 



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