Virtual Lessons for Elementary Language Development: Healthy Living

$89.00 each


It is a perfect time to engage Kindergarten students in learning about exercise and hygiene! This self-contained package of support includes:

  • Ten lessons to develop concepts and build language skills
  • Google lesson slides to virtually guide students through multiple ways of thinking, talking, and writing about healthy living
  • Mini-projects and activities students can do on their own
  • Pre-recorded webinars to orient the teacher with tips to maximize distance learning – and differentiate by students’ proficiency level 

HL_K_S1_L1_Objective.jpgSimple, yet detailed, one-page lessons and engaging slides develop an abundance of vocabulary and language patterns through a clear language build. Lessons gradually introduce more vocabulary and various ways to talk about staying active and taking good care of oneself. 

This learning is appropriate for English learners and any other students who would benefit from academic language development.

Depending on how often teachers meet with students, the total instructional time will vary. 

Lessons are excerpted from Systematic ELD Unit 6: Healthy Living. They are at the intermediate proficiency level and can be simplified for beginners and made more complex for advanced students.

ACHV540e, $89.00 per teacher


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