Upper Elementary (3-6) Discussion Cards

$58.00 each

E.L. Achieve’s Discussion Cards are designed to assist English learners by providing explicit language support for dynamic academic interactions. They offer students an opportunity to learn and practice the conversational techniques needed to move a discussion forward, as well as the rhetorical devices frequently found in formal speech and writing. As students learn to use the stems on the cards, their confidence increases and they become fully engaged members of the classroom community. CM122, $58.00

 A class pack of Discussion Cards includes 8 sets of 20 cards, with four each of the following five color-coded conversational roles:

  • Build on an Idea (purple)
  • Present an Idea (gold)
  • Pose a Question (blue)
  • Support Your Thinking (red)
  • Challenge an Idea (green)

Front of card:

Upper Elem. Dis. Cards_front.jpg

Upper elementary:

Upper Elem. Dis. Cards_back.jpg 




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