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Secondary Support Kit

$299.00 each

The Secondary Support Kit includes tools for interactive language practice and is intended for use by teachers of English learners. ACHV330, $299.00

All tools are generic so they can be utilized independently or in conjunction with Systematic ELD Instructional Units that may be purchased from E.L. Achieve by Partner Districts.



The E.L. Achieve Secondary Support Kit includes sufficient materials for 40 students.

Individual Support Kit components listed below:

Ways We Express Our Thinking Poster (English), ACHV150 - $14

Ways We Express Our Thinking Student Cards (class pack of 40), CM160 - $29

Secondary English Discussion Cards, CM120 - $58

Secondary Student Flipbook, CM110-01 - $10

Summary Template Posters, CM170-55 - $14

Talking Chips (200 red/white foam chips), ACHV170 - $12

Talking Sticks (set of 10), ACHV115 - $6

Sand Timers (set of 10), ELD650-50 - $6

Wipe-off Notebook Posters (Set of 10), ACHV195 - $28

Ticket Out the Door (1 pad of 250 tickets), ACHV180 - $4

Dry Erase Markers (Set of 40), ACH190 - $27

Dry Erase Towel, E.L Achieve green 6 x 6 micro-fiber towel, ACHV144 - $1

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