Secondary English Language Arts Workbooks

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The Recognizing Acts of Heroism Workbook supports adolescent learners as they delve deeply into the concept of heroism. Through multiple readings and activities guiding analysis and interpretation, students examine a layered definition of heroism, identify the heroic acts of everyday people, and question the decisions of a tragic hero. 

This highly interactive workbook includes:

  • Four nonfiction articles, chunked to facilitate close reading and analysis 
  • Two-column notetaker for each article
  • “Our Heroes” graphic organizer 
  • Word form chart
  • Summative writing prompt 
  • Drafting template

These tools ensure students gain rich content and language learning so they are well equipped to combine their ideas and craft a well-designed essay.

CM400-50, $2.00



English Language Arts Unit: Recognizing Acts of Heroism


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