Poster: Drafting Template for Single-Paragraph Summary (English)

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The laminated Drafting Template Poster for Single-Paragraph Summary provides scaffolded instruction in summarizing. The poster is a valuable classroom tool that fosters discussion in pairs or small groups and prepares students to identify a main idea, determine essential details, and write a summary. CM170-55, $14.00.

Walk into any content area classroom and at some point during the lesson, students will be required to summarize. Students are asked to summarize when explaining how to solve a problem, defending their opinion of a political issue, interpreting literature, or expressing their knowledge of a process or phenomenon.

In secondary content area classrooms, summarization is synonymous with comprehension. Students who can condense and consolidate information and then reorganize that information using general language are, in fact, demonstrating advanced proficiency.

No one questions the critical importance of summarizing skills. Yet few of us teach or model how to draft an accurate summary. Few of us demonstrate how to distinguish between essential and non-essential information, how to identify a main idea, or how to restate the essence of our understanding.

At the heart of an effective summary is the ability to engage in a process of selecting and reducing language. To complete this process, students must have confidence in their ability to make judgments about what they read and learn. We need to build this confidence in our English learners by providing tools that teach them how to sort, synthesize, and simplify complex academic language.

Facilitating activities that require students to make judgments about essential information and providing them with practice in replacing specific terminology with more general language will improve their ability to summarize. Scaffolded instruction in summary prepares students to:

  • Identify the main idea
  • Determine essential details
  • Restate and draft

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