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Sometimes adolescents aren’t sure how to put their thoughts and questions into words. They may struggle to clearly communicate their thinking. 

The color-coded Ways We Express Our Thinking Poster gives students the language they need to respond to writing prompts, answer comprehension questions, and prepare for class discussions. 

The poster includes dozens of signal words and sentence starters across three levels of skill­ – simple, solid, and sophisticated – plus graphic organizers to map out ideas. 

Students use the poster to complete assignments that call for thinking and writing in the following ways:

  • Express cause and effect
  • Explain and describe 
  • Compare and contrast
  • Propose and support
  • Sequence

This user-friendly reference ensures students have support to express their thinking and refine their speaking and writing in any subject area.

27x36 Laminated poster. ACHV150 (English), $14.00

WaysWeExpress Poster Eng 72


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