Discussion Cards in Spanish

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Engaging in a discussion takes skill and confidence – and that can be a steep learning curve for children! Tarjetas de discusión are designed to help both native-Spanish speaking students and students learning Spanish as a new language talk about ideas and ask questions to move a conversation forward. 

The cards have dozens of sentence starters for speaking and writing at three levels of academic skill – simple, solid, and sophisticated.  

As students use these cards to practice the art of discussion with partners and groups, they not only boost their language ability and knowledge of the topic, but also step up their participation in the learning community. 

A class pack includes eight sets of 20 cards, with four each of the following five color-coded conversational roles:



El objetivo de las Tarjetas de discusión es ayudar a que los hablantes nativos de español, así como los que están aprendiendo español como segunda lengua, usen fácilmente una variedad de construcciones.  

Una caja incluye ocho paquetes de 20 tarjetas. Cada paquete contiene cuatro tarjetas para cada uno de los siguientes cinco papeles de conversación, codificados por colores:



CM123, $58.00



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