Do you ever struggle with motivating secondary students in intermediate and advanced ELD classes? Would you like long-term English learners to see the power in developing high-level language skills – and embrace taking ownership over their learning?

The Taking Charge of My Communication unit builds skills while making a strong case for ELD as a time to practice English and expand students’ range of choices to talk or write about any subject. It sets the groundwork for their understanding that by gaining linguistic knowledge, they enhance their success in speaking, reading, and writing throughout the academic day.

In ten multi-faceted lessons, students:

  • Get to know their teacher and classmates and discuss ways to build a healthy learning community.
  • Learn about the importance of talking in learning, and explore how to take ownership of their role as learners.
  • Learn how to make their voice heard through both informal and formal communications to various audiences.
  • Set goals for growing their skills and confidence to communicate clearly.

Each lesson includes a set of slides with detailed speaker notes suggesting how to model and explain concepts. Slides are intentionally animated to help you encourage and validate student engagement throughout the lesson. Feel free to adjust them for your classroom context.

The Interactive Notebook is a student’s personal reference to play around with English and build confidence as they take charge of their communication. All the class readings are included, so students can reread as many times as they need. It also has word banks, graphic organizers, and language patterns with space for students to jot ideas and questions, draft writing, and reflect on their learning. For teachers, student notebooks provide descriptive data and serve as portfolios for documenting EL growth.

For teachers trained in Systematic ELD, this is the first unit of the year-long secondary curriculum. If you’re not with a partner district and would like more information, email

Taking Charge Slide Sample

The unit includes slides with lesson plans built into the speaker notes, and 30 Interactive Notebooks for students. ELD301e, $150.00

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