The Leadership Guide is a booklet that introduces educators to E.L. Achieve’s research-based approach. It presents a rationale for targeted language development and outlines a comprehensive framework for English learner instruction that provides a student-centered, language-focused approach to planning and teaching explicit language throughout the instructional day. ACHV160, $29.00

1) A vision for explicit English language instruction that backward maps instruction from task analysis to instruction, explicitly building receptive and expressive language by connecting thinking, reading, writing, listening, and speaking:

  • Language Functions – Purposes for Communication
  • Target Language – Vocabulary and Grammatical Structures
  • Instruction & Application

2) A Blueprint for Serving English Learners Throughout the School Day that explains the purpose and goals of our professional development initiatives (Elementary and Secondary):

  • Explicit support in acquiring the language needed to comprehend and express understanding of grade-level work: Constructing Meaning
  • Dedicated, accelerated English language instruction by proficiency level: Systematic English Language Development

3) Effective systems for supporting English learners that include planning, comprehensive training, and support for implementation. This Leadership Guide is not designed to equip educators with sufficient guidance needed to implement instruction. That requires comprehensive training and support for implementation, available only through Institutes offered by E.L. Achieve.


If you are interested in exploring how to become an E.L. Achieve partner district, the first step is to register a district leadership team for an Introduction to E.L. Achieve’s Work webinar.  


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