Virtual K-12 Systematic ELD Leadership Seminar

Event Date:

August 1, 2022

Event Time:

9:00 am

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This seminar is specifically designed to prepare participants to support colleagues in refining and delivering Systematic ELD instruction.

Through E.L. Achieve’s online learning center and live virtual sessions, participants will deepen their understanding of:

  • Current research on second language acquisition
  • Explicit language instruction
  • Teaching tips for student engagement
  • Effective instructional planning using the Systematic ELD Instructional Units

Participants will be part of a vibrant professional learning community, working on small-group virtual projects and refining practice through one-on-one virtual support.

Virtual Systematic ELD Seminar Structure:

9 am – 12 pm Pacific Time: Live Zoom meeting 
Prior to the next day, you will engage in reading, video viewing, and lesson planning. We will discuss those tasks each day at the end of the live session.
1 pm – 4 pm:  Time consists of lunch break, asynchronous work through our Online Learning Center, and planning appointment(s) with lead E.L. Achieve Presenter and co-planner.
See Seminar Overview for more details.

Eligible to Apply:

Participants who:

  • Work in districts implementing Systematic ELD
  • Have completed a five-day Systematic ELD Institute
  • Wish to support implementation in their district

Leadership Seminar Certification Requirements:

  1. Develop and present a continuing learning session that supports colleagues with key Systematic ELD concepts
  2. Effectively model teaching a Systematic ELD lesson for a group of colleagues
  3. Actively participate in all components of Systematic ELD Leadership Seminar

Upon successful completion of the seminar requirements, participants will become part of their certified district leadership team and help guide site and classroom implementation.

Certified Leaders may be invited to participate in a formal apprenticeship process to become Certified Presenters for their districts. All potential presenters must successfully complete the apprenticeship process before they can become certified.

Maintaining Certification:

Certification is valid for one year and may be renewed annually by remaining active in the E.L. Achieve community. To maintain certification, leaders must:

  1. Support implementation through coaching, collaborative planning, or leading follow-up sessions
  2. Attend an annual E.L. Achieve Symposium with district team
  3. Contribute to E.L. Achieve’s online professional community

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