This is a time when many of us are profoundly missing our students, and possibly mourning the fact that we won’t see them in person again this academic year.

It can be comforting and reinvigorating to remember that our students are still as vibrant and curious as ever, and we can still play an integral and positive role in their lives. 

With that in mind, we’d like to share an uplifting interview our co-founder Michelle conducted with a middle school English learner named Jianung. 

ELD success story  

E.L. Achieve Interview with Jianung 
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Jianung shared about completing the Secondary Systematic ELD unit, Pathways to Success, and about his experience with ELD in general. His confidence and zest for learning put a huge smile on our faces every time we see it. We hope he brings you joy and motivation, too.

The relationships we have cultivated and the foundation for learning that we have built is benefitting our students (and us!) now, as we all navigate uncharted territory. Let’s continue to collaborate and innovate to find new and effective ways to reach out, stay connected, and serve our students.

We hope to help us all stay uplifted and remember the simple pleasures of life, of teaching, and of spending time with children.

Written by: Rebecca McCloskey, Associate