Meeting the Demands of the Common Core State Standards

We are often asked how E.L. Achieve’s initiatives are aligned to the Common Core State Standards. It is an important question, and the answer is critical to any district interested in partnering with us. 

The Common Core State Standards place an unprecedented emphasis on language. They recognize that students must use a multi-faceted knowledge of English in their writing and speaking and make informed, skillful language choices to express themselves. Students are expected to demonstrate their understanding of content readings and communicate original ideas through discussions, presentations, and written performance tasks. 

These shifts correspond directly to E.L. Achieve’s vision of instruction and the content of our professional development for teachers and administrators.

E.L. Achieve addresses critical language demands of the CCSS in multiple ways:

common core alignment graphic

The Next Generation ELD Standards Framework supports states in establishing English Language Development/Proficiency standards to amplify critical knowledge about language required to engage successfully with the demands of the CCSS.

Schools must prioritize both a dedicated, targeted ELD block and the integration of English language learning into each content area.

The following documents illustrate how E.L. Achieve’s Constructing Meaning reinforces the critical pedagogical shifts of the CCSS by infusing explicit language support into content instruction:

The following documents articulate how E.L. Achieve’s Systematic ELD realizes the Common Core and Next Generation ELD/ELP Standards’ call for dedicated language instruction targeting students’ level of English proficiency.    

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