Secondary Systematic ELD Support Kit

$295.00 each

The Secondary Systematic ELD Support Kit is intended for teachers who have participated in a Secondary Systematic ELD Institute and who implement a vision of explicit language instruction. The kit contains tools to facilitate ample opportunities for students to practice the target vocabulary and structures of English they have been taught so they can learn to manipulate language to accurately communicate their thinking. ELD300, $295.00

Interactive practice adds interest and meaning to the challenge of learning a new language. Effective Systematic ELD instruction provides multiple opportunities for monitored practice that gradually shifts responsibility from the teacher to students (I Do, We Do, and You Do).

The Secondary Systematic ELD Support Kit is designed to streamline preparation for teachers by providing generic tools needed to structure engaging, purposeful student interactions. The tools can be used with any lesson and several of the tools work together.  

Sample Blank Speech Spinner included in the kit for use with the game board and other activities:

blank spinner 2015               GameboardSnapshot


The E.L. Achieve Support Kit includes sufficient materials for 40 students.

Individual Support Kit components listed below:

Ways We Express Our Thinking Poster (English), ACHV150 - $14

Ways We Express Our Thinking Student Cards (class pack of 40), CM160 - $29

Secondary English Discussion Cards, CM120 - $58

Secondary Student Flipbooks (set of 5), CM110 - $48

Game Boards with Pawns and Dice, ELD190 - $68

Spinners and Arrows (set of 16), ELD170-16 - $8

Talking Chips (200 red/white foam chips), ACHV170 - $12

Talking Sticks (set of 10), ACHV115 - $6

Sand Timers (set of 10), ELD650-50 - $6

Wipe-off Notebook Posters (Set of 10), ACHV195 - $28

Ticket Out the Door (1 pad of 250 tickets), ACHV180 - $4

Dry Erase Markers (Set of 40), ACH190 - $27

Dry Erase Towel, E.L Achieve green 6 x 6 micro-fiber towel, ACHV144 - $1


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