E.L. Achieve works in partnership with school districts. We employ a district capacity-building model that initially provides intensive services, support, and guidance, while preparing district, school, and teacher leaders to take charge of their improvement process.

Before beginning to work with districts, we invite leadership teams to attend a one-day Leadership Overview and/or a two-hour Introduction to E.L. Achieve Webinar.

The purpose of the one-day session is to: 

  • Increase awareness regarding the linguistic needs of English learners, including long-term English learners, and the challenges district leaders, school leaders, and teachers face in meeting them
  • Become familiar with E.L. Achieve’s approach to English learner instruction
  • Briefly overview the content of our professional development initiatives: Systematic ELD and Constructing Meaning
  • Learn about the capacity-building model we employ to help ensure purposeful and sustainable district-wide implementation

The Introduction to E.L. Achieve Webinar gives your leadership team a condensed opportunity to learn more about E.L. Achieve’s initiatives and determine whether it is a good fit for identified English learner needs and program goals. The webinar is be a good opportunity to include more stakeholders in the initial exploring stage of establishing a partnership with E.L. Achieve.

You can find registration information on our Events page.  

If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@elachieve.org

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