To successfully carry out any district initiative, district and site administrators must have a clear vision of instruction and a concrete plan of action. Knowing how to assess school site readiness, communicate expectations, and facilitate professional dialogue are critical to launching and sustaining a vigorous reform initiative.

It is essential that school leaders understand the role of language in academic achievement. Educators need a clear and confident approach to support language development in students. The approach needs to be understood and actively supported at all levels of the system: classroom, site, and district.

  • Teachers deserve support to address language needs of students. They need knowledge, skills, and tools to provide effective language instruction that meets and challenges students at respective levels.
  • Site administrators need support to establish processes that ensure English learners receive adequate and appropriate language instruction.
  • District administrators need tools to design and support implementation of effective English learner programs.

No matter how effective the school site staff and administrators, without the support of an effective system, strong student achievement is limited to pockets of excellence.

E.L. Achieve works in partnership with school districts. Our approach is not about quick fixes. It is focused on system-wide, mission-driven, long-term collaborative planning and implementation. We employ a district capacity-building model that initially provides intensive services, support, and guidance, while preparing district, school, and teacher leaders to take charge of their improvement process.

Research shows that there are distinct phases to purposeful and sustainable district-wide implementation. The chart below outlines the key components of our model.

 elachieve implementation phases

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