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Susana Dutro - E.L. Achieve Blog

Spark A-ha Moments: Teaching Context Clues to ELs

Confident and engaged readers manage a bunch of strategies as they read. We contribute to English learners’ reading comprehension and vocabulary growth by explicitly talking about these strategies and modeling what they look like in action. We model how to make connections between the text and our previous knowledge, explain how we visualize events as we read, and explain how to use evidence from the text to predict what is to come. We identify when we are confused by the text and show how rereading helps us revise our understanding. We model how to draw on language knowledge to determine the meaning of words within a phrase, sentence, and passage. And the focus of this blog: we model how to recognize and interpret context clues.

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Learning Walks: A Portal to Strengthening Practice

Refining instructional practice is hard work. It requires a positive learning environment – a safe place to take risks. It also requires real-time models to mark, watch, and study how others operate in the classroom, coupled with opportunities to investigate our professional practices and move us closer to instruction that promotes a thriving and productive learning environment for students.

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